What do you feel after a session with the Goddess?

  1. I recently sessioned with Goddess Anat at Sanctuary LAX and had a great experience. I am a masochist and she was delightfully unrelenting but also checks in often to be sure she is not crossing the threshold. We had an intense CBT, NT and corporal session that I will not soon forget. She has amazing sharp nails that truly did me in. I highly recommend checking her out...
    Max Fisch
  2. I have sessioned with some legendary Mistresses, and I must say you possess a relentless sadistic quality that will shine in the community. You did things with your nails on my member that no tens could produce. You beat me marvelously. Looking at the marks you left, makes me smile. I've brushed against them and delighted in the sting. You also have a wonderfully sadistic personality which really elevated the session...I am blessed that I sessioned with you. I hope to see you again in the future. Thank you for being an amazingly intuitive Goddess.
    FetLife Member
  3. Thank You for the beating(s). Wow, what a scene! Very extensive, very intensive. It included so many things. It was amazing! Thank You so much for using so many toys that were new to me... Thank You so much for showing me the toys as You played with them so that i could better appreciate their effects. Doing that added a lot to the experience for me... And it wasn't just all the toys. There was so much more going on. Even the CBT and nipple torture involved several things in addition to clothespins. Thank You for calling me a bitch, slut and a pig and making me oink like a pig and whine like a dog. i could certainly use some role play practice. Also, thank You for making me count strokes and shaming me for trying to make my penis look larger by wearing a fancy jock strap. Finally, i just loved Your sensual manner, from Your fetish wear to Your whispering in my ear, massaging between beatings, and Your kiss on the cheek and hug when You were done. i went home with a smile on my face, and i'm still smiling...
  4. Was worshiping [Goddess Anat's] feet at a play party with much passion and affection, (licking, kissing, & sucking her soles & toes) we both ended up in Sub Space which I call "Double Sub-Space" since we both entered a mental state of euphoria ;)
    Foot fetishist
  5. Thank You for two great evenings... For engaging and sharing your sadistic side and whims with me and allowing me to realize your many talents... It's always my pleasure!!!!! For some reason my booty kinda stings... Maybe next time we can break 4 toys.... Lol As always. It was my honor spending time with you and playing. always so very enjoyable!!!!!! Thank you for such a BLOODY good time..
    Heavy Bottom
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  7. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I'm so thankful that a woman as amazing as yourself is willing to share fantasies and adventures with me. You're absolutely breathtaking and even though your pictures are amazing, I was blown away by you in person. I think I was taken a little by your femininity in person. Still adore the "trenchcoat dress". One of my faves. Can't thank you enough for openly discussing with me my interests before the session. This also includes our correspondence which was professional, but also warm and human. Reconfirmed why I wanted to see you among all the other choices. Loved that you watched me the majority of the time. When I'd glance up and saw you looking and smiling at me you gave me reassurance and confidence in what I was doing. I. Absolutely. Can't. Get. Enough. Of. That. Amazing. Butt of yours. Hope that's not too crass, but really, I love it. Sorry, but can't think of any negatives or anything I would want to be different. Honestly, I can't. I'd see you again in a heartbeat if you'd have me.
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